Essay on Employee empowerment

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employee empowerment

Employee Empowerment
A flat organization is a culture of ownership and partnership, it is an
organization that uses teams to increase efficiency, responsiveness and
flexibility. The focus is on customer satisfaction, work is directly connected,
to customer processes. Employees in a flat organization know the business, they
have been delegated the power to think for the whole company. Flat organizations are
giving lower management more responsibilities; they are expected to make more decisions to
integral operations. Good decision-making is a balance between getting most of what we
want with as little risk as possible. It means that we use the right processes that
encourage participation while keeping the focus on the decisions at hand. Every
organization has decisions that need to be made daily. Organizational performance is
largely dependent upon the decision-making processes that a particular organization uses.
Having good decision making skills allows us to make the decision with a degree of
confidence and efficiency. Employees at all levels will be able to make decisions with
greater confidence if they have processes. Processes provide clarity to think through the
recommendation and the process to make coherent decisions. Processes improve our ability
to think clearly and a company that adopts a common decision making process improves the
outcome and efficiency of decisions made. A process will map out how to plan, frame and
research decisions. A process assists in identifying the functioning of a group. It helps
to structure procedures that are dynamic and conceptual. By lending structure, it
facilitates the identification and resolution of problems that can arise during
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