English Macbeth Essay

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English Macbeth

To What Extent is Macbeth pushed into killing king Duncan?

Numerous people and factors push Macbeth into killing the king. The main factors are:
 Lady Macbeth
 The Witches and Fate
 King Duncan
 Banquo
 Himself (Macbeth)

I start with probably the most influential character upon Macbeth, his wife, Lady Macbeth.
Lady Macbeth believes what the witches have said and therefore believes that she will
become the queen.

'Have I thought good to deliver thee'

She obviously has a great ambition and will do almost anything to fulfil her ambition.
This shows a great evilness in her

'And dashed the brains out'

She is also reluctant to accept Macbeths original thought of leaving the idea alone

'What beast was't then that made you break this enterprise to me'

She appears supremely confident about murdering Duncan even though Macbeth is not which
also shows of her great ambition to succeed and become queen of Scotland.

'We Fail? … But screw your courage… and we'll not fail'

Lady Macbeth plans the murder from a very early stage even when Macbeth is unsure of what he is to do

'When Duncan is asleep… his spongy officers, who shall bear the guilt of our great quell?

Overall Lady Macbeths ambition, confidence and naivete is perhaps the major factor in
pushing Macbeth into the murder of Duncan. She does not think of the consequences of the
murder so she is 100% behind Macbeth killing Macbeth, which makes it difficult for Macbeth
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