Enlightenment Era Paper Essay

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Enlightenment Era Paper

Out of the 5 individuals I felt that Montesquieu and John Locke affected the system of
American government that we have today. Montesquieu’s number one contribution to the
American Government was in forming the ideas about the three branches of government:
Judicial, Legislative, and Executive. This is the basis of out governmental system today.
It is a system of checks and balances in which two branches are always watching the other
one; making sure that no one branch gains too much power. So really within this system
there is no way for one branch to take over and become an absolute power.

Montesquieu was a French writer and publicist. He was born on January 18, 1689 and he was
from a family that was of noble rank. His grandfather was the President of the Bordeaux
Parliament and his father was a member of the royal bodyguardand.From 1700-1711 he
attended the Oratorian College at Juilly. There he received a literary and classical
education. When he was twenty-five he returned home to receive the title of Baron de
Montesquieu from his uncle and became councillor of the Bordeaux Parliament. After a while
he married a Protestant woman named Jeanne Lartigue and they had three children. At the
end of nine years he sold his office, and devoted himself all to study which became his
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