Epilepsy Essay

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Not everyone who has a seizure has epilepsy. Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder
characterized by recurrent, unprovoked seizures. Unprovoked means that there is no
immediate cause for the seizure, such as a fever, an infection of the brain, or head
trauma. Nearly 10 percent of people will have a seizure during their lifetime; most of
these are provoked seizures during an acute illness or condition. These people may never
have epilepsy. There are two types of seizures people can have. One is partial seizure or
focal they begin in one part of the brain. They cause varied symptoms auras which is a
funny feeling in your stomach, staring, chewing, lip smacking, shaking, or stiffness in
parts of the body. Generalized seizures are when the entire brain is effected. This causes
loss consciousness. One type is grand mal is when the body stiffens and jerks. Another
type is petit mal, which is momentary loss of consciousness without abnormal body
movement. Some factors of this are infections of the brain this includes meningitis,
encephalitis, and brain abscess. Strokes are also a risk of epilepsy. Also alcohol can
cause seizures for heavy drinkers when they stop drinking abruptly (withdrawal seizures)
and also have a good chance of epilepsy. Epilepsy can also cause brain tumors usually they
are slow growing and don’t affect them for years. Some other factors that cause
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