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Ashley N. Jeffers

So you want a secret do you,
Well I'll give you a secret.
Every night I met with Sean
In the woods about twelve midnight.
Or how about Gentry,
In his barn just two hours later.
And the whole town thought they knew me,
We'll they don't!
And no matter what you say,
I am not the towns bicycle.
By the way, if you feel the need to call me a whore,
Beware the fires of hell torching your pretty little home.

Benjamin S. Junior

I knew I had made a mistake,
I should've stopped after the first shot.
It was dark, I could've stated
That I was deer hunting,
So that's why I took a shot.
It was an accident, I would say.
These poor idiots would've believed me.
But no! It wasn't enough, not in my mind,
He wasn't dead. So I took another shot.
And even one more.
At that time I had a good idea he was gone,
But that still wasn't enough.
The pain he put me through,
Beating me constantly, whenever he could,
Especially when my mother wasn't home.
I walked up to his rotting corpse
And shouted, "You will never touch me again!"
All of this, right before I put
One last shell in his face!

Craig A. McRae

I have lived many years,
And have seen many things.
Sitting on my porch at three o'clock
Watching the neighborhood children play stickball.
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