Ethan Frome Character Flaws Essay

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Ethan Frome Character Flaws

Ethan Frome

'My Cousin Is Cheating On Me with My Maid'; is something that you would expect to see at
the beginning of 'The Jerry Springer Show,'; not in early American literature. But as I
have seen in the movie 'Ethan Frome,'; it is possible for this situation to occur in
colonial America. The main characters, Ethan, Zena, and Mattie, each have major character
flaws, but in this essay, I will focus on Ethan.

Ethan returns to his hometown to spend time with his dying mother. He sends for his
distant cousin, Zena, to care for his mother. After Ethan's mom dies, he needs someone to
take care of him so he marries Zena. This is the first of Ethan's character flaw I have
observed, he cannot take care of himself.

A second flaw of Ethan's that I have observed is that he is adulterous. This is
demonstrated when he cheated on Zena with her cousin while Zena was away at the doctors.
This is when all the trouble began. Zena found out about it and tried to push Mattie out
of the house.

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