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Euclid of Alexandria is thought to have lived from about 325 BC until 265 BC in
Alexandria, Egypt. There is very little known about his life. It was thought he was born
in Megara, which was proven to be incorrect. There is in fact a Euclid of Megara, but he
was a philosopher who lived 100 years before Euclid of Alexandria. Also people say that
Euclid of Alexandria is the son of Naucrates, but there is no proof of this assumption.
Euclid was a very common name at that time, so it was hard to distinguish one Euclid from
another. That is the big reason why there is little known about Euclid of Alexandria.

Euclid of Alexandria, whose chief work, Elements, is a comprehensive treatise on
mathematics in thirteen volumes on such subjects as plane geometry, proportion in general,
the properties of numbers, incommensurable magnitudes, and solid geometry. He was probably
educated at Athens by pupils of Plato. He taught geometry in Alexandria and founded a
school of mathematics there. The Data, a collection of geometrical theorems; the
Phenomena, a description of the heavens; the Optics: the Division of the Scale, a
mathematical discussion of music; and several other books have been attributed to him.
Historians disagree as to the originality of some of his other contributions. Probably,
the geometrical sections of the Elements were primarily a rearrangement of the works of
previous mathematicians such as those of Eudoxus, but Euclid himself is thought to have
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