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Europe after the Rain

The Painting was made by Max Ernst in 1940. Max Erns, was the inventor of the technique
called frottage. I characterized this painting to be very expressive. The painting
illustrate the consequences of a storm and the effects it has in our nature. It is a
representation of Europe after a day of a storm.

Ernst used a special Technique called Frottage, with this technique he was able to create
a numerous variety of textural effects. Ernst’s technique consists of putting a piece of
paper over a texture surface like floorboards and wooden surfaces, and then rubbing a soft
pencil across the paper. He would then arrange these textures in visions of surrealistic
forests and beautiful landscape.

The painting was made of oil on canvas. H 21 9/16in. W.58 3/16in. It posses an analogous
color scheme, made up of blue, yellow, white, black and green. The painting is a study in
athmosphetic perspective, the sky appears white and blue, and mountains appear black and
yellow. The black and yellow color gives the mountains a hot dry look and the white and
blue color shows how hot the atmosphere is. The appearance of both warm color (yellow)
and cool color (blue) tend to evoke a Sense of contrast tension when they both appear to
be together on the same painting.
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