Evaluate Different Socological Essay

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Evaluate Different Socological

Evaluate different sociological approach to the definition of poverty

The definition of poverty is the centre of a farce debut. This is if the definition is
'absolute' or 'relative' poverty. The farce intensity of this debut became prominent in
the late part of the 19th century and the early parts of the 20th century. This was when
people started to feel that some thing most is do about the growing level of inequality
and 'poverty'. This was the founding step of the welfare state and the benefits system in
action today. This then started people thinking how to judge if people needed these
benefits and how best to measure whom should. Different sociological view have different
view on the matter not only weather 'absolute' or 'relative' poverty is the corrected
definition but how to solve the problem of poverty if poverty is the problem at all.

All thou the new right are not a sociological group in essence it still holds a view of
sociological matters. The new right has very definite views on this matter. They feel that
the people are only poor if they lack the things that are needed for life. This is food,
water, clean air and shelter; this is 'absolute' poverty. In this model very few people
within our society are defined as in poverty and only the third world countries have a
large amount of the population that are defined as within poverty. The view of the new
right is that the work is out there for the poor to build their way up out of poverty but
they are to lazy to do so.

Most sociologists of developed industrial countries are more inclined to that of the
'relative' poverty as a definition. This is that in comparison to the others within the
society there is always an eliminate of poverty within the society. They are the ones that
are below the average life style of the rest of the society. More liberals thinking
theories then the right wing of the new right favour this.

With in developed countries there is the question of material depravation or multiple
depravation. Material depravation is the depravation of objects; this is a material object
that is not essential for life but luxury items but can include shelter and objects need
or advisable to live a health life. Multiple depravation is not the restriction of object
or the lack of them but the restriction of choice and opportunity that is almost
impossible for the individual to get them selves out of.

The Marxists in part agree with the 'relative' definition of poverty but feel that poverty
is not the issue. They feel that looking at poverty distracts from the wider picture. That
it is not poverty that is important but that of inequality. But the Marxists say that they
have curie for both 'relative' and 'absolute' poverty. This is of course communism, the
Marxist believes that 'absolute' poverty well be removed with the removal of all forms of
stratification and the redistribution of wealth. The problem of 'relative' poverty will be
removed as in communism every one is equal and no one would be in a better position then
an other.
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