Evaluation Of The New Deal

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Evaluation of the new deal

"An evaluation of the new deal"

Franklin D. Roosevelt brought the new deal in to Americans life in the early thirties. Its purpose was to deal with the depression. Following the depression there were many programs and acts to help the nation recover from the depression. The "forgotten Americans" were the ones who needed the new deal to benefit them. These people were the blacks, women, immigrants, and the many people who suffered from poverty.
Unemployment was one of the biggest issues to strike the "forgotten Americans."
The new deal provided helping programs such as the Social securities act, WPA, and the federal emergency relief act to lower the unemployment and help those who couldn't work. Checks could be received to those who were poor because of the Soc. Securities act. The WPA, which was led by Harry Hopkins, was built to help the artists and musicians obtain a steady job that would help lift the nations spirit. The federal Emergency relief act provided relief money for a limited time to those workers who had been laid off. For the black workers, the NAACP was created; it was one of the most important groups trying to show Americans the rights of blacks. Blacks were still unchanged in the labors. Even under the new deal, blacks were treated unfair. Women were also treated very poorly when it came to the labor situation. They were given the so-called women's jobs, such as teachers, clerks, typists, nurses, and textile workers. Unions for blacks and women were rare until John Lewis formed the CIO, a union anyone could join, no matter what race they were. The CIO one of the top unions in the nation. The new deal had again prettied much failed with the creation of the AF of L. The AF of L was a division of many craft unions.
Government jobs and political rights were a goal for the new deal to let more Americans have access to the pleasures that any white man could have. The Shocking "grand father" laws were passe

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