Evolution Of group Essay

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Evolution Of group

Evloution of Group

We had a great time of our study of the boys and girls club. I think the way we
interacted with the kids and staff was beautiful. Each person in our group played a vital
role in our successful presentation.

I would like start by saying everyone did a good job because we had an effective team
structure. I remember the book saying,” effective team structure might be as basic and
simple as the communication required for the coordinating of activities”. We had this
basic form from Kelley, Melissa, Kudash, Robin, and Nelson. We all communicated things
that we felt would be best for our group and project. We all where accessible to meet on
time and to be flexible if one person had a conflict with a particular time.

We worked really well together. We each had necessary technical skills and abilities to
reach our goal. We also had the personal characteristics to work with different people of
different culture. Like Kudash, he’s from a different country and sometimes we had
trouble understanding what he was saying. We would ask him to repeat himself and he would
with out an attitude. We all did something for the group from taking notes, writing class
material down, helping each other with ideas, or providing transportation. I’m glad I had
Robin, Kelley, Melissa, Nelson, and Kudash for team members.

Another part of our success was that we all were committed to doing the best we could.
Surely we had team spirit because we all took pride in our project. The way I think the
way we showed dedication and commitment was by being at every meeting and everyone
participating in our discussion. There was no one who was a boring person, everyone
showed excitement, enthusiasm, and brought laughter to the group. We all got to know each
other and throughout our time together we saw everyone was committed to being successful.

I believe we are what the book would call a team. We had a relationship within the team
that was very unique. By the end of our project we knew something about each other that
we didn’t know at the beginning. The book talks about honesty, openness, consistency, and
respect and we had all of these qualities. We were open and honest enough to tell each
other if we couldn’t meet on a certain day. Others had respect for their openness and
would change the meeting time to meet their need. We were consistent with our meetings
and being understanding people.

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