Evolution Vs Creation

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Evolution vs Creation

The Great Debate: Should Creation Be Taught in School?
Evolution versus creation has been a debate lasting
decades upon decades in the United States and around the
world. The mock trial held during class, however, was not
to prove one view as right and the other wrong. Rather,
the focus of the trial, from the view of the prosecution,
was simply to prove that creation should not be taught as a
science in schools.
The prosecution and the defense were each allowed
four witnesses. A fifth grade science teacher, a preacher,
a world religions professor, and Dawkins were called to the
stand by the prosecution. My part in the trial was that of
the preacher. Our argument was simple; the preacher believed
creation to be true, of course, but did not see how creation
could be taught as a science. Instead, the view of creation
should be a part of a religion or philosophy class.
According to the scientific method, a true
scientific hypothesis or theory about anything must be able
to be proven false. "There is a very important
characteristic of a scientific theory or hypothesis, which
differentiates it from, for example, an act of faith: it
must be 'falsifiable'. This means that there must be some
experiment or possible discovery that could prove the
theory untrue" (Wudka 2). If there is no way to disprove
something, it can not be classified as a science. In
addition, a true science must be reproducible. According to
Behe, origin of life scientists have created life using the
same conditions that would have existed on the early earth.
It is impossible, however, to duplicate creation.
In addition to the argument of testability, creation
should not be taught as a science because it goes against the
rulings of the federal government. In 1987, in a case known
as Edwards versus Aguillard, the U.S. Supreme Court held
unconstitutional Louisiana's 'Creationism Act.' The Creationism
Act stated that evolution could only be taught when it was
accompanied by the teaching of creation. "The Court found
that, by advancing the religious belief that a supernatural
being created humankind, which is embraced by the term creation
science, the act impermissibly endorses religion" (Court
Decisions). As a result, the Court

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