Exctacy Essay

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Ecstacy is one of the most addictive drugs out today. Most users of this addictive drug is
either at a club or on the street. "Nearly all of the first time users 30% of those have
fatal effects on the user (Cranford 12)" They end up usually in a deep coma or they die.
Most users want ecstacy either because they heard of the high that they get from the use,
or they are trying to impress their peers. They usually get into deep side effects.

Some code names for ecstacy at a club are Game High, Tasty Treat, G Squared, and BW3.

Some code names for ecstacy on the street are usually Special Tab,
Hidden High, Relax Tab and Rough Ride. The street version is way more potent than the club
version. The one in the clubs are usually either fake or not very strong. They usually
dont give out a major dose, they usually rip off

the user by saying "this is the best stuff you can buy possible." Which is a major lie to
the user, but he just needs that little high to calm his need of ecstacy at a low rate.
Most code names vary depending where you are in the country or world. There are totally
opposite names for ecstacy in new york and L.A.

Some side effects after use of ecstacy are heart rate increases, blood pressure sky
rockets, and usually dosent come down for a period of time. Vision come a little distorted
but the user just dosent mind that, they just need a little fix for the night to have a
little fun. The vision turns to about 20-75, they can still see fine, they may ocasionally
see a double vision. They

feel this effect as if they are really light headed or just feeling really dizzy at
moments. That need of that same effect of the first time of use, usually gets that first
time user hooked on the drug. They try to get a fix everytime they feel like they need a
fix. That usually happens about 12-24 hrs. after each use. Thats for a periodical user.
Most users dont abuse the drug to often.

" The user just needs that little bit of a high and dosent abuse but likes the effects of
the major high (Richardson 15)." The user likes the feel of being in a high and dosent
want to come down from that. They usually buy more than one pill of ecstacy so when they
come down off of there first high so they take another one after the major high comes
down. They usually come down hard after the first high. The highs after that arent to
violent, but they still are rough to get through, thats why the user will take another
pill to skip the fall of the high, and get right back to the high.

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