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jeofrey mondal 6-3-02

do you know who Christopher Columbus and frediand Magellan are? Well they are

every important people in history. Magellan found a way to travel around the world from the

southern tip of south america. Columbus was the founder of North America, he found the land

by mistake. Both these men were sailores that just wanted to do there job and gain fame. So as

you can see these men are very important to history.

Magellan was born on 1480 and he died on the year of 1521,he was born in

Portuguese.he grew up to be spanish explorer and navigator, leader of the first expedition to

sail completely around, the world. he wanted to reach the east indies by sailing west from the

Europe. At the time that he lived everybody thought that the journey was impossible, so as a

result he didn't get any support. he barely convinced the Spanish king to support him but at
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