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Fadumo Issa
1A. Cynthia Cohen explains that the use of reproductive technology produces serious defects to small children and to continue with that is not right. Cohn stated, "few long-term studies have been undertaken of the kinds and rates of physical diseases and abnormalities incurred by born of the new reproductive technology"(Biotech,446). Cohn explains that these reproductive technologies were actually causing more harm than good because the children were suffering from physical, physiological, and some even suffered from serious illnesses, therefore, it is wrong to continue using it.
1B. In the interest in Existing Cohn argues that it is better to be alive then not. Although, these technologies cause serious defects it is not as bad as not being able to be alive. These technologies help children by being able to be alive; therefore, the good outweighs the bad.
1C . "no child exist can be harmed "( Biotech,450). Cohn\'s critique was that unlike the interest in existing, it is morally right to stop using these technologies to bring kids into this world, which in the process these technologies cause birth defects. The technologies should be stopped until there will be better alternatives. When we lived we fear the nonexistence because we will miss out the good in living, but before we lived nonexistence world would not be as fearful as when we already existed.
2A . Procreative liberty is having the right whether to have children or not. According to Robert, procreative liberty is known to be the "negative rights" (Biotech, 467). A bortion is a part of procreative liberty .

2B . The freedom to procreate and bear a child. This is morally right and respected because reproduction of family is the purpose of marriage and sexual union. According to Robert, "the right to reproduce is widely recognized as a prima facie moral right that cannot be limited except for a very good reason "( Biotech, 469).
2C . Freezing embryos and the IVF.
3A . Is Anderson\'s view of surrogacy consequentialist or deontological? Explain.
3B. What is Anderson\'s main objection to surrogacy?
The main objection to surrogacy is that women and children are being used as a product i

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