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The fear of flunking is one of the many techniques a student can use to pass a class; this only depends on the person though. I believe that all students have a nightmare of failing a class. This pushes them to actually pursue in the academic. There are some students who simply do their best to reach their full potential, there are other students who fear failing and that is what unfortunately motivates them. Sherry’s son passed his English class because he feared of failing and being held back in high school. It seems kind of sad though that the only way this student was motivated to learn was by his own fears. Although it can be successful, this is not the only technique that can be successful for students.

Most students who excel in classes, take classes they show interest in. Because of the interest, it keeps them attracted to the particular subject. High school may seem as little resort as to picking classes, but in college, there is so many choices that it overwhelms the student. College students should take advantage

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