Faith Term Paper

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My faith is very complicated because I come from a Buddhist background and Learned
Buddhism and been a very good follower of it. I was born in Sri Lanka. Growing up in a
Buddhist family in Sri Lanka, my faith was initially introduced to me by my parents. My
parents claimed to be strong Buddhists and they practiced their faith very often. Because
of them I was very involved in practicing and learning more about Buddhism.

To me Buddhism is a way of life. Buddhists believe that life is pain and suffering and
that the way to end the pain of this life if through "Nirvana" also known as
Enlightenment, a state of mind that is completely and permanently free of suffering.
Enlightenment is achieved through the cleansing of sin and desires from ones mind.
Buddhists also believe in afterlife and that one is born over and over again until they
have achieved the stage of enlightenment. They believe that the after life is affected by
the way you life this like and what ever good or bad deeds you do will come back to you
accordingly, for am example if you do help some one, something good to you will happen
later, but if you commit a sin, then you will be punished later; in the same lifetime or
in another.

Buddhism was founded by a prince named "Gouthama Siddhartha" who later became Buddha over
2500 years ago in India. Even though he has all the riches in the world he saw that there
was pain and suffering in life no matter what, and one day he left his castle to go to
look for an answer to be rid of the pain and the suffering in the world. He went to
several different philosophers but he realized what all of them believed in was wrong and
something that he cannot agree on. So he moved on and decided to go to the jungle and
meditate to find an answer. After all his thinking and meditation he came to relies that
the answer to sad ness is giving up desires because it was the root of sadness and to live
life as simple as possible. In order to achieve this stage of enlightenment, one needs to
calm their mind through meditation and get rid of sinful thoughts and the desires. After
achieving "Nirvana" he introduced his teachings to people that was interested in it and
then he recruited some people as monks to help teach others about his teachings. Buddha
preached about the truth and he also preached about how one should live their life as a
good follower. His teachings were passed on by monk to monk and later were written in
Buddhist scriptures.

Buddhism has been a very important influence on the construction of my faith. My
understanding of what good conduct was engraved to my by Buddhism. Because I believed in
Karma, even as a child I was afraid to do something that I considered wrong. I was afraid
that I will have to suffer the consequences later. This encouraged me to become a good
person. Another thing that Buddhism has helped me with in my faith is the ability I have
to control my mind. Desire is a very powerful force and it can dive humans to do things
that could end up being a sin. The meditation and the ways of thinking that I have learned
from Buddhism has helped me with this and it has help me a stronger person to not give in
to my desires and be thoughtful before I get myself in to something that I have regret
later. I think these elements in Buddhism are very good in building someone's faith and
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