Feasible Ways In Which Humans Essay

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Feasible Ways In Which Humans

Feasible Ways in Which Humans Can Combine Mass Capitalism and Environmental Improvements
Subtitle: Expanding Capitalism into a Larger Global Mass-Capitalistic System, While
Improving Our Global Environment and our Human Population's Standard of Living There has
been an ever growing met beginning n 0's and 50's, whose premise is to either control
growth or halt it all together. This movement has rallied around a green flag preaching
the philosophy of saving mother earth from the current exploitation's that are taking
place under the Western economic system. Many of these members of the Green Party view the
current Industrial or Capitalistic Systems as the main enemy of the environment because of
the way that a Capitalistic System considers natural resources that are scarce or
irreplaceable a very valuable commodity. It is true that now that we have had time to
evaluate the costs and benefits of an Industrialized society, we have recognized that
there have been some costs or "externalities" that have developed out of our extremely
prosperous time period. Some of these costs are urban sprawl, global warming, pollution,
and the increase of greenhouse gases just to name a few. The Greens solution to deal with
these "externalities" is to declare capitalism the enemy and wage a war in order to either
sustain or end growth altogether while moving back to a more Welfare-like state. Greens
view the capitalistic model as one that tries to dominate and exploit nature for one's
personal wealth and gain, and they fear that at our current rates of consumption and waste
that we will quickly destroy the earth's natural environment. They have developed many
clever techniques such as lobbying, generating large amounts of wealth, creating new
social structures, forming political parties, and even making acts of terrorism in order
to slow the capitalistic machine from growing ever larger. I do agree with many of the
Greens and others that have worries about our earth and its' natural environment, and that
something must be done quickly and substantially to correct the crisis that is looming. It
is because of the West's recent success that we have been experiencing these problems and
I feel that the same knowledge and labor that was used to create these economic successes
can be used to find feasible solutions to our current global ecological problems. I
disagree with the Greens policies or ideologies about how we as a planet must go about
correcting these ecological problems though. The idea of halting growth altogether or
creating a policy of sustainable growth on a worldwide scale is not a feasible solution in
the evolving global capitalistic market. Slowing or stagnating the growth of the world is
not feasible because countries that have not reached the economic well being that the
Western Hemisphere has attained will reject this idea with full force. Even if stagnating
growth were an acceptable idea in the global community, it would create such a global
depression in the West that the political leaders would be ousted or in the worse case
scenario killed. Therefore, I believe in order to maintain and improve our global
environment and standard of living we must begin looking for more feasible and practical
ideologies and solutions that will incorporate our current economic and sociological
systems with practical solutions that will not inhibit continual world growth and
expansion. In the following essay I will try to answer the following question: How can we
expand capitalism into a larger and more encompassing global Mass Capitalism with a Free
Market structure and continuous growth, and still improve our global environment and our
general standard of living? Theory One- The Damages Caused that are Related to Progress
Our current Free Market Capitalistic System has been quite a successful machine compared
to other models which rely on more of a Welfare State such as Socialism or Communism.
Other economic systems have collapsed, while Capitalism has remained in a phase of
continuous growth. Recently though, we have started to gain conscientiousness about some
of the costs that are related to our system. We face problems with an increasing gap in
individual education, wealth, and social standings just to name a few. On a global scale
we are also facing ecological problems of historic proportions. When the Western Countries
were in the beginning phases of growth we used extremely high amounts of scarce resources
in order to develop more efficient output. Better technologies were created and there was
a snowball effect, which created greater and greater amounts of efficiencies. We are not
yet at the maximum amount of efficiency we desire, but we must look at the many problems
that we created from this growth. The reason being there are others in the world that is
currently at the same stages or lower stages of development that the West was at in the
beginning of the Industrial Revolution. One of the main causes of these problems are that
the Third World and emerging countries are trying to grow and compete in the market on the
global level and they are using outdated techniques and technologies to grow and become
competitive with the West. They are causing ecological havoc that is preventable if we
show global leadership abilities to cultivate and educate these countries into compliance
with global environmental standards. We must not do as we are currently doing, which is
using the relaxed environmental standards of these emerging countries and turning it into
a competitive advantage for ourselves because we will eventually pay the costs of the
"externalities" of this wastefulness in the future. A modern example of this is the
Chinese project of the Three Gorges Dam. The Chinese are destroying and relocating
thousands of acres of land and people, respectively. This project could be eliminated
entirely if the Chinese would use nuclear power instead, but for political and
technological reasons they do not. This is just one of the many examples of what is going
on now and is preventable if our leaders were spending the time trying to identify these
flaws in our current economic systems instead trying to find ways to cause its demise.
Once we realize that progressive leadership and guidance from the Western Hemisphere is a
necessity in order to continue growth we can start developing feasible solutions to
current problems. We can also spend time generating ideas and technologies that will
create greater efficiencies and ecological stability in the future, but our leaders must
first recognize the problem and secondly, decide to do something about it. Currently, our
elite leadership is not trying to maintain and spawn continuous growth throughout the
world. They are trying to find ideological causes to put time and energy into rather than
focusing on feasible solutions to problems that we are facing in the not to distant
future. I f the elite leadership does not start focusing on methods that will stimulate
future growth which will in turn create higher standards of living and better ecological
stability then there is going to be a highly negative result. Our leadership and nation
has loss the connection between the ability to create wealth and prosperity as was done in
the past by exploiting others through violence. We would like to forget that part of our
history, but we cannot. If we do it might cause us to slip back into a Welfare State of
guarantees that will slow growth, increase world poverty and other problems, which will
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