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Franz Kafka, one of the most influential writers of this century, was virtually unknown
during his lifetime. His works, which were published by his friend Max Brod, after his
death, have since been recognized as symbolizing modern man's anxiety-ridden and grotesque
alienation in an unintelligible, hostile, or indifferent world. Kafka is perhaps best
known for his dark and edgy stories filled with fantastic settings and almost unbelievable
characters, but was all of this just fantasy work?

In The Metamorphosis, his most famous work, Kafka tells the story of a man who “one
morning finds himself transformed in his bed into a monstrous vermin” (Kafka 3), and how
his family deals with the situation.

In the opening paragraph Kafka introduces us to Gregor Samsa, the main character of the
story. Gregor is a traveling salesman who took the job five years ago to help pay his
fathers debt. He alone provides for the family. His parents and sister, over time, get
used to the idea of Gregor being the supplier, and never stop to think what it would be
like if something was to go wrong.

Gregor Samsa's reality changes indifferently in spite of his drastic physical changes.
Before the Metamorphosis, Gregors life consisted of working and caring for his family. He
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