Federalism From Its Beginning To The Present Essay

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Federalism From Its Beginning To The Present

From its early beginning in the minds of the Framers of the Constitution to its state
today. The United States system of federalism has changed greatly through landmark court
decisions, congressional decisions, and strong presidential influence. The next few
paragraphs will go through the history of federalism in the United States.

The Federal System began when the Framers wrote the Constitution. The Constitution set up
the basic outline of the federal system. This system divided the powers between the
national government and the state governments. Also, it bound the individual states
together under one national government. There were two very important court cases in early
federalism. One was McCulloch v. Maryland in 1819. This case upheld the powers of the
federal government. It also denied the states the right to tax the bank. This allowed
later cases to uphold the expansive powers of the federal government. The other case was
Gibbons v. Ogden in 1824, this ruling upheld broad congressional power over interstate

Soon after we moved into the era of dual federalism. Dual federalism is the belief that
having separate and equally powerful levels of government is the best arrangement. One
major leader during this era was Roger B. Tanney, who was the head of the Supreme Court.
During this era, there was heated political debate on the issue of slavery. The Dred Scott
v. Sanford decision in 1857, this was the first decision to take powers away from the
national government. During this era, the Civil War occurred. Dual federalism lasted until
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