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Genetic engineering

Many scientists today are all trying to prefect the studies of genetic engineering, also
known as cloning. This has become one of the most popular studies of this decade.
Scientist says that with genetic engineering the human race can live forever. For some
people cloning could be the greatest experiment of all time, but also it could be the most
dangerous and harmful experiment that was ever attempted. Why do we feel the need to clone
humans, animals? Should we just let human live and die just like god intended or should we
try to be immortal? As you read on you the reader decides if genetic engineering is the
greatest experiment we ever attempted or should we band cloning forever.

According to B. Julie Johnson genetic engineering is very dangerous and harmful to humans,
and animals. Many animals have suffered from this procedure. It has produced monstrous,
deformed, suffering animals. She believes such experiments are inhuman and dangerous.
Johnson fears that genetic engineering will result in the devaluing of life because of
genes, embryos, and ultimately people will all be thought of as commodities to be bought
and sold. Johnson is an ecofeminist writer and activist.

Genetic engineering is not only affecting humans and animals it also affects our food. In
1962 in silent Springs, Rachel Carson issued a warning about the agrichemical industry is
wide spread, this means that by using these pesticide that are synthetic they are damaging
our health, slowly making it easier for world hunger, By using these pesticides. Officials
have recognized that not only is it a nutritional problem, our soil, and rivers are now
contaminated with deadly poisons. Today a new generation of technocrats threatens to
endanger our planets once again by trying to manipulate the deoxyribonucleic acid also
known better as DNA. DNA is substance that encodes genetic information passed from one
generation to the next. By using DNA scientist are able to cross plants for example
crossing pea plants to make different types of plants. Experimenters can also cross bread
in ways that were unimaginable to humans. For example cross human DNA with a pig, they
also crossed DNA strands with a cow and a fish. Some scientists have been awarded for the
strange crossing of DNA strands for having come up with a way to genetically engineer
those uncommon life forms. They also get Pantene for those weird cross breads like it was
an invention. Not all experiments are successful though. Dr. John Haster a cofounder of
an animal biomechanical company of Pennsylvania was never made by nature. There are very
many deformations that animals go through that affect the way they live and when the
animal starts to grow up they go through torture. So why do they keep doing all these curl
experiment on animals will this benefit use in the future? A lot of people are asking them
selves if scientists are trying to play god. To many people who care about humans and are
future say that many scientists are. People say that we should just live and die just like
god intended. The scientist that perform these experiments say that if god wanted that he
would never have gave us this major break through and new ideas to help the human race
live longer and healthier. Dr Edwin Chagaff, professor Emirtitos of biochemistry at
Columbia University Medical School say that they don’t know exactly life is but the
challenge is trying to manipulate it, modify it and substitute and defects. Genetic
engineering has also harmed are food supply. Many scientists are tried to make genetically
altered farmers. By gene splicing plants to other kind. Scientist say that instead of
making a crop and waiting to see what comes up, they will make a guarantee and make sure
all the food comes up and that they are bigger and healthier. Which in the end did not
work it failed. The food was feed to animals, which killed lots off the animals who ate
the plants, and the ones that lived had very bad side affects and later died off. The
female animals that survived from eating the plants had siblings, the siblings came out
with major deformations and some did not survived for more than a day. So as you can tell
that genetic engineering is bad for use and we cannot trust it. Many of animals have been
tortured and killed in result of genetic engineering. Not does it only affect animal
siblings we are affected by it also. Many females that have volunteered for this
experiment have had bad experiences and they can no longer have kids. So why do we keep
putting animals, humans in danger? We need to band this before it gets out of hand. Recent
efforts at genetic engineering have produced horribly deformed pigs and other animals.
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