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Throughout Aristotle's examination of friendship in Nicomachean Ethics, he refers to the
friendship between a parent and a child in a number of different ways. Aristotle believes
that there are three different kinds of friendship. One type is a friendship based on the
use one friend has for anther.

In this case, two people are friends because they give an advantage to the other or serve
some useful purpose. An example of this would be a person who is friends with someone
because he is popular or has a lot of money. Another type of friendship is based on
pleasure. This kind occurs when two people are friends because of the pleasure they bring
to each other. As soon as the friendship brings less pleasure to one of them, the
friendship will dissolve. The last type of friendship is based on the goodness of the two
people. It forms when one decent person loves another decent person. This is the only
lasting and true form of friendship. A good friendship can come from a friendship that
starts out as pleasing or useful. All friendships require time to develop and grow, but
only good friendships will endure over time.

Early in Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle points out the difference between love and
friendship. He uses the same three categories for describing what is lovable as he used
for friendship: good, pleasant and useful. There are some differences though. While it is
possible to love something that has no soul, it is impossible to form a friendship with
something that has no soul. Love can be for anything, while friendship is restricted to
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