Term Paper on Flowers For Algernon

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Flowers For Algernon

Flowers for Algernon

The main characters of the story are Charlie, who is a mentally retarded person involved
in a remarkable experiment which increased his I.Q. Alice, a teacher at the Adult Basic
Education Facility at Beekman College who taught Charlie how to read and write, the
professors who operated on Charlie. Fay who appeared toward the end of the book , and last
but not least Algernon.

The novel is exciting and has an original idea. The moods That I felt in the story are
ones of sorrow, anger, and guilt. In the story, Charlie, is the subject of an experiment
which increases his intelligence. Charlie originally wants the operation to look
intelligent and get friends. Unfortunately some of his hopes were not met. The main
characters in the novel include Charlie, Alice, Algernon, and Fay, a character who did not
make much of an appearance, but he thought that he played an important part in Charlie
trying to sort out his past and figure out his present and future plans.

Charlie is a mentally retarded person who has impressing people and gaining friends as one
of his top priorities. He then hears of an experiment which could possibly make him smart.
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