Folk medicine Essay

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folk medicine

Plantain - Medicine that Treats Everything

Throughout years, I was taught to believe that the best medicine is not a pill, but a folk

medicine. The most common folk medicine in my culture was plantain. This herb meant to help

in a variety of sicknesses. For instance, when I got food poison followed by high fever,

vomiting, and diarrhea, my mother prepared a tincture based on plantain, vinegar and salt. I had

to drink 15 drops of this mixture every hour and after 5 hours the reaction of poisoning in the

stomach terminated. At the same time my mother also put the fresh leafs of plantain on my

abdomen to relieve my pain. In addition, plantain was also believed to treat other diseases such

as burns, hemorrhages , dysentery and bronchial asthma. For example, when my cousin had

symptoms of bronchial asthma, she was given a mixture based on granule of plantain. She had to

drink it 5 times a day to stop her symptoms. After repeating procedures for 3 months, her
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