For my 8 week training activity, I choose to pract Essay

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For my 8 week training activity, I choose to practice soccer to improve various aspects of
my physical health. I will try to improve my endurance most importantly. I feel that it is
the my weakest physical aspect. I will practice soccer dribbles, because they obviously
require technique, I will also practice to move with and without the ball at my control.
It is not easy to do, but eventually, I will succeed. As I said earlier, I will improve my
endurance. I will jog everyday for 30 minutes( starting) and eventually, I will jog more
and more for a longer period of time.

I will also have to do some weight training because I will have to exercise my muscles in
my legs because leg strength is critical for playing a full 90 match. I will also need to
weight train to build muscles because my back support will have to be strong since I will
be standing for long periods of time.

I will have to eat nutritious foods also. I have to improve my weight too. I don't weigh a
lot so I have to gain some weight. I would say about 20 pounds that I need to gain. I will
have to eat as nutritiously as I can because I have to stay healthy, though I already am.

One of my problems is time management. I don't have a lot of time and I can barely find
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