Fordism Essay

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The model T was one of the most important innovations that the world had ever known. This
was one of the first inventions that revolutionized how Americans traveled. Before this
method of transportation was fully implemented, many people still traveled by horse and
wagon or by train. Americans were now able to have a venue that allowed them to access
parts of the country that were before unavailable to them.

The assembly line method of production was also another great innovation that went beyond
just the making of cars. This application revolutionized the way most thought about
industrialization. Though many had adverse reactions to this type modernization, it laid
the foundation for the optimization that we have today in many of the worlds industries.

The Model T and other automobiles propelled the American into cataclysm of culture and
innovation. The American life was broaden and in many ways sped up by the automobile. If
it were not for the design of the automobile, then the interstate highway system that we
have come to use day in and day out would not exist in its current form. Since carmakers
like Henry Ford have come and gone America has become an unbridled place of exploration
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