Foreign Etiquette Essay

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Foreign Etiquette

Etiquette for Greetings and Business Cards

As we do business in other countries and as we receive businesspeople from other countries
in our American offices, it is important to know how to greet people and how to present
our business cards. The greeting is the beginning of the business interaction; if it goes
well, we create a positive impression that will serve as a foundation for our business

Business Cards

The ultimate passport in today's global economy is the business card. It identifies your
company and makes it easier for international people to understand your name. Rank and
profession in other countries are taken much more seriously then they are in the United

For every country in which you travel, have your business card information in English on
one side and in the language of the particular country on the other side. Include your
name, position title, your company name and address, and your fax and telephone numbers.

In European and North American countries, the business card may be presented with either
hand. In Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, never present the card with your
left hand; the left hand is considered unclean.


Your first chance to make an impression is when you greet someone and exchange names. In
America, we tend to be formal but that does not mean we should be careless. Professional,
social, and family statuses are very important in many cultures. If you say or do
something, which is incorrect, you can offend others and embarrass yourself.

Always use a formal greeting when you meet people from other cultures. Never address them
by their first names unless they ask you to do so. In European and North American
countries, greet the person with a firm handshake, good eye contact, and the pronunciation
of the last name with the courtesy title—Mrs. Moschler.

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