Frank Lloyd Wright

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Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was born as Frank Lincoln Wright on June 8, 1867. He was born in Richland Center, which is in southern Wisconsin. His father, William Carey Wright, was a musician and a preacher. His mother, Anna Lloyd-Jones was a teacher. It is said that his mother placed pictures of great buildings in young Frank’s nursery as part of training him up from the earliest possible moment to be an architect. Wright spent some time growing up on a farm owned by his uncle, which was located near spring Green, Wisconsin. He was of Welch heritage, and was brought up in the Unitarian Religion.
Wright briefly studied civil engineering at the university of Wisconsin in Madison, and then moved to Chicago to work at an architectural firm. In 1887, he was hired as a draftsman by the firm of Alder and Sullivan. At the time, the firm was designing Chicago’s Auditorium Building. Wright eventually became the head draftsman, as well as the leader of the firm’s residential designs. After obtaining these responsibilities, Wright began to design and apply his own architectural ideas. In 1889, he married his first wife, Catherine Tobin. He also began designing houses, which was against his firms policy because they were required to follow the designs sent to them, not make their own. When his boss discovered this, Frank was fired. His house designs, however, were incredible. They showed the start of Wright’s low, sheltering rooflines, the prominence of the central fireplace, and intricate geometric designs on both doors and windows.
Wright started his own firm in 1893, working out of a studio that was built in onto his home in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago. Between 1893 and 1901, 49 buildings by Wright were built. During this period he began to develop his ideas, which would come together in his “Prairie House” concept. Into 1909, he developed and refined the prairie style, and founded this concept in architecture, and his art of this early productive period in his life is also considered as part of the arts and crafts movement, because many of his designs not only had plans for the structure of the house, but ideas of decorating the interior as well.
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