Frankenstein vs bride of frankenstein Essay

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frankenstein vs bride of frankenstein

Frankenstein vs. The Bride of Frankenstein

In Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein, sound is used as an effect to scare people
and create a “spooky” feeling. They used the sounds of a storm with rain and
thunder, the sound of footsteps coming up from behind people, and other noises like creaky
stairs, floors, and doors. This created that “haunted” or
“spooky” feeling that would be used over and over again in horror films for
decades. When they used sound effects, it was to emphasize that something was either
happening or about to happen.

Many people consider The Bride of Frankenstein to be better than the original
Frankenstein. This is because the sequel to Frankenstein had a musical score whereas the
original Frankenstein never had one. The fact that the original lacked background music
and the sequel had a wonderful music score is the biggest difference between the two
movies when it came to sound. In The Bride of Frankenstein, music was used as a way of
hinting things to the audience. Music would become faster and louder right before
something big was about to happen and it would slow down and sound sweet in parts that
were supposed to show the good, gentle side of the monster. The music also filled space
in between scenes and made the film flow better.

In The Bride of Frankenstein, there were many mise en scenes that could be easily found.
For one thing, there were many religious symbols thrown in all around the movie. There
were many crosses, which had been placed inside the houses. There was a good amount of
talking about blasphemy and whether creating this monster was good or bad. One of the
biggest issues was about how Dr. Frankenstein seemed to play the role of God. He was
creating beings and bringing parts of people back to life. Also, in many scenes, they
would use unique camera angles to set up a scene in a particular manner so that the
audience would know that something was about to happen. For example, when Elizabeth was
in her room, the camera showed the window, Elizabeth, and the reflection of the mirror as
the monster began to approach her.

These two films set the standard that would be followed by horror films in many decades to
come. They were very similar when it came to the use of sound effects, but very different
when it came to music and a musical score. If Frankenstein had had a musical score, it
probably would have had much higher ratings and may have been significantly better than
its sequels, but The Bride of Frankenstein was given higher ratings for that reason.

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