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Victor Frankenstein was very interested in natural philosophy and chemistry and
basically tried to play G-d by creating life. When he found the secret of activating
dead flesh, he created a superhuman being composed of rotted corpses. What he
did was considered unthinkable, and he was haunted by his own creation.

When the monster escaped, Frankenstein knew that he had to deal with the
consequences of what the monster might do. Frankenstein received a letter one day
which informed him of his younger brother William's murder, and immediately
suspected that he was responsible, for he was the creator of the hideous monster. A
friend of the family named Justine Moritz was the "presumed" murderer, and
Frankenstein was determined to prove her innocent. Circumstantial evidence,
however, led the courts to believe Justine guilty, because found in her pocket was a
photograph which had belonged to William.

Justine had been put to death, and Frankenstein had yet to find his creation. Finally,
upon their meeting, the monster confessed to his creator of what he had been

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