Frankenstein5 Paper

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The character named Victor in the book Frankenstein written by Mary Shelly, is a likable
figure. His demeanor on the whole was very pleasant as he grew from a boy into an adult.
Victor’s passion for the sciences is very strong, and had stayed studious in his
youth. Victor’s mother died when he was age 17, and that is when he decides that he
will discover a way to rid the world of sickness and death, so people could stay with each
other forever. Victor went on to medical school, and after many intense years of research
and study Victor gathers enough parts from cadavers to begin creating life which he
believes will be much better than our existence.

Victor is a likable character because his intentions are good, all he wanted to do was
conquer death and illnesses. This idea by it self comes from a man that is caring and
doesn’t want anybody to go through what he went through and also to keep himself
from going through the same ordeal again.

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