Freckle Juice

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Freckle Juice

Freckle Juice is a classic children's book written by Judy Blume. Although written in 1971, the story can relate to every new generation of middle school aged children.

The book revolves around Andrew Marcus, a freckleless boy with a burning desire to have freckles. His greatest object of envy is Nicky Lane, whom he sits behind in class. Nicky is covered with freckles. Unfortunately, Andrew also shares his classroom with Sharon, a conniving little girl. Once Sharon learns of Andrew's desire to have freckles, she sells him a bogus recipe for "Freckle Juice," which Sharon guarantees will produce freckles. The recipe is a nauseating concoction of kitchen items, including vinegar, onions, and mustard. When Andrew drinks the "Freckle Juice" he not only becomes violently sick, but fails to get any freckles. Not wanting to return to school still freckleless, Andrew covers his face with blue dots with a magic marker. His classmates find his blue freckles amusing. Then his teacher, Miss Kelley, gives him a "secret formula" to remove the "freckles," and stresses to Andrew

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