Free Bird Essay

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Free Bird

The Road of Life
Today we pause, to look into our past
as well as our future. We remember when
we were young, starting our trek down the Road of Life.
The first place on this long and winding road
was the Meadow of Childhood. This is where we
met many new people and formed numerous friendships;
most of which still exist today.
However, we were unable to stay here, and so
continued on our journey through the
doors of Quabbin Regional, becoming some
of the mightiest Panthers in all the land.
Stepping through those doors also marked
our emergence into the Desert of Adolescence,
where many of us became tangled in the thorn
bushes along the way. But we made it out,
and from there we took our swim across
the River of Wisdom.
When we reached the opposite bank we
paused in the Forest of Enchantment,
which is where we stand together today.
Looking back we can no longer see the
Meadow of Childhood, for it is nothing
but a faint memory to us now.
The only thing we can see from here is
the Valley of Adulthood, and
the long-awaited climb to success.
And although most of us are sad,
somehow we know that the hardest part
of our journey has come to an end.
For we have sipped from the Water of Morals,
Climbed the Rock of love,
Swum the Sea of Knowledge,
And ascended the Mountain of Truth.
And as we continue on our journey,
and say our last good-byes,
I would like to congratulate you mighty Panthers
from Quabbin Regional High.
-Jason Holihan
Senior Class Poem, Class of 2001

Lynrd Skynyrd once asked, "if I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me." There
were only a few days left before high school was finally over, and I couldn't help but
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