Freedom Bound

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Freedom Bound

In his book, Freedom Bound, Robert Weisbrot argues that the civil rights movement is interwoven with American political reform of the time, and furthermore, that "the black quest for justice and the national crusade for a 'Great Society' are best understood in relation to each other" (Weisbrot xiv). He traces the Great Society from its beginnings as Lyndon Johnson's liberal social reform program, through the Reagan years, claiming it was not entirely successful in breaking down racial barriers between blacks and conservative whites. He believes the Great Society was "an insidious enemy of black America," and that the federal government ultimately failed to deliever Johnson's original vision for civil rights advancement and reform (245). In the end, he claims, thegovernment was not committed enough to the principles of the Great Society and thus, it unraveled.

In addition to detailing the Great Society, Weisbrot also chronicles within his book, struggle for racial equalit

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