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Freshman Yearimbas

I remember walking into South Brunswick High School on the first official day of high
school freshman year. It was like nothing out of the ordinary. I had already been in the
school all summer. I was there every day for summer football practice with coaches:
Homman, Simmons, and Harding. The big, black, wrecking ball, Jacey Padgett, and I were in
competition for the starting fullback spot of the JV that summer. I won. So needless to
say, I was feeling pretty good headed into the school year. I had already met most of the
athletes through football, I had met a lot of fine girls that practiced that summer on
dance team and the cheerleading squad, and I already knew the halls of SBHS like the back
of my hand. I didn't feel apprehensive at all about coming to school on the first day. In
fact, I must admit that I was very cocky coming into high school. I feel like I owned the
place! But looking back in retrospect, I was kind of taken in by some of the sights of
going into high school. I was very intimidated by the physical maturity of high school
girls, as opposed to those of middle school girls. I mean, sports came naturally, but
girls were, and still are, a challenge. I knew at that moment that high school would be a
very exciting time, and I was right. I cannot express how many experiences I have been
through ever since freshman year.

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