Friday Book Report

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A handsome, in about 26 years old, with straight and strong limbs, tall and well shaped
fellow who bare name Friday which he got for the memory of a day he was rescued. The
native who was saved from a certain death by Robinson Crusoe during one of the cannibal
rituals of a local tribe. By the man who was actually on his way to Africa to buy Negroes!

His hair was long and black but not curled, he had very high forehead and great sparkling sharp eyes.

Friday's appearance was somewhere in between Negro and European, black but tawny skin,
round face and small but not flat nose as most of the Negroes have.

Of course, like all Negroes have, had he fine teeth well set and white as ivory, but oddly enough - thin lips.

To lay his head flat upon ground, close to person's foot and set other foot upon his head
- this was Friday's way of showing the servitude and submission.
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