Fun Pack Essay

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Fun Pack

Fun Pack
When run, Fun Pack 3-D will automatically detect what 3D hardware
you have available and configure itself for optimum performance
on your machine.

Note that you MUST have the latest version of the drivers for
your 3D card, or Fun Pack 3-D may fail to work properly.

3DFX drivers can be downloaded from
Other Drivers can be downloaded from your 3-D card manufacturer.

Note that versions of Windows 95 before OSR 2.1 do not properly
support AGP, so you may not achieve optimum performance on an
AGP Direct 3D card if you have an earlier version of Windows 95.

If you have no 3D accelerator cards installed in your machine
Fun Pack 3-D will default to software rendering.

Once the game has initialized and selected its default graphics
driver, you can change the graphics driver between what is
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