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Ever since I came to understand what I would like to be when I grow up, I dreamt to become an architect. The way I interpreted this field was like a child’s play, but I guess I was wrong. Many experiences within past thirteen years have changed my way of looking at the future. These experiences were interesting enough to change me as a person. The experience of working at the hospital and interviewing a doctor impacted me in the way I used to look at the future.

I never dreamt of becoming a doctor, until I actually got a chance during my high school year to go and interview a doctor and work at a hospital for one summer. It was ironic that I wanted to go into the field of architecture when I liked biology and I hated math. The doctor was a great help in making me understand what the field is like. The interview that I did was for a class project. Besides the doctor, the hospital that I worked at also changed the way I looked at my future. I worked at the hospital close to my house, where I volunteered to work. T

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