Future of Signals Analysis Essay

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Future of Signals Analysis

3 SEP 2002
Protocols for transferring data, information, or any other signals communication have
dramatically changed. Breakthrough technology has changed the way signals are transmitted,
collected, analyzed and distributed. Technology has exceeded well beyond first generation
robust computers to third and forth generation supercomputers that are small enough to fit
in a person's shirt pocket. Signals analysts are expected to engage and explore the realms
of the unknown and conquer it with decisive and accurate analysis. The future holds an
extremely challenging problem for signals analysis. The conglomerate of highly skilled
analysts is extremely small which poses a problem because as the global market gets
larger, skilled signal analysts have a difficult time keeping pace.

The Internet has long surpassed its expectations and survivability by at least three folds
since the time of its creation. The Internet has provided the ability to process large
quantities of data from anywhere in the world with corresponding communication bandwidth
with a few simple mouse clicks. The Internet appears to be a conduit for up to 95% of the
world's communication transmissions. A state of the art desktop computer with Internet
access is universally available to millions of anonymous individuals at affordable rates.
Ingenious individuals constantly cover their footprints while pinging specific websites
and e-mail addresses to avoid detection from the United States Intelligence Community.

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