Future of VoIP Technology Essay

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Future of VoIP Technology

Future of VoIP Technology

VoIP is a relatively new technology and so the benefits are just beginning to be realized.
VoIP technology has the ability to completely change the telephone industry as we know it.
Big changes are in store for the way we use telephones and this section will address some
of the changes to expect. Obstacles still stand in the way of progression and there are
problems that need to be addressed before this technology can take over.

Individuals have some great things to look forward to. Many already communicate over the
internet for free (not including ISP cost) in a simple fashion by chat rooms, instant
messaging, and email. Some are already using VoIP to replace their current telephone
provider due to the lower costs available. Almost everyone in the United States has a cell
phone that connects wirelessly to cellular networks located in nearly every city. Wireless
internet is becoming rapidly mainstream now and this offers new opportunity for VoIP
technology. New pocket PC phones are being developed to incorporate support for Wi-Fi as
well as cellular networks. These phones will be able to switch from the users Wi-Fi
connection to cellular networks and visa versa on the fly. Currently phone calls are
directed to a location, but in the future phone calls will be directed to a person. Phone
service will switch totally to VoIP once Wi-Fi networks are available to the extent of
current cellular networks.

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