Gadgets Of JAmes Bond Essay

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Gadgets Of JAmes Bond

1 Patel
"And this I am Especially Proud of"
- Q
Introduction - Throughout the years, the weapons and gadgets that have come from the hands
of the Q Branch, has never turned James Bond down, they are the coolest and are the best
in spy paraphernalia.

I. Bond's choice of equipment
A. Walther PPK
B. Aston Martin DB5
C. Watches
II. Comparison to some spy gadgets of the army
A. Bond's popular equipment
B. Military's popular equipment
III. As technology continues to grow
A. Weapons will get better
1. Equipment from newer movies
a. Goldeneye
b. Tomorrow Never Dies
B. Gadgets of the older movies
C. Other items of Q's Lab
IV. What do we expect of Bond
A. More high tech weapons and gadgets
B. A new head for the Q Branch
C. A lot more excitement
Conclusion - Finally, the weapons and gadgets of James Bond will still continue to
astonish the entire world, and it will still do so as many more films are produced in the
near future.

"And this I am Especially Proud of"
- Q

"I think we've met." These were the words of James Bond as he stepped into his talking BMW
750IL during the movie Tomorrow Never Dies. Throughout the years, the weapons and gadgets
that have come from the hands of the Q Branch, has never turned James Bond down, they are
the coolest and are the best in spy paraphernalia. If someone would try to compare Bond's
gadgets to gadgets of the military, Bond would win ten to one.

Of course, as technology changed and time passed, the Q Branch developed better equipment,
but many of the classic gadgets are still obsolete in a technology driven world we live in
today. For example, Bond's old Aston Martin DB5 can out run a Ferrari 355 F1 Spider that
was demonstrated in the movie Goldeneye. (Ultimate James Bond Page As the James Bond story continues, the better and better the
gadgets will get. The best thing about the gadgets of the Q Branch is that they will
always be unique.

3 Patel
Probably the only weapon James Bond will never forget is his trusty handgun. His Walther
PPK has stayed by his side since

he was injured when his old berretta jammed during a mission. The PPK stands for Polizei
Pistole Kriminal and was made by Waffenfabric Walther of Zella Mehlis. (Blair and Tarassuk
379) It used a 7.2-millimeter bullet and the gun has also been called the Walther PP7. It
is enclosed in a strong steel casing and packs a punch like a brick being thrown at a
window. Another reason why it is a choice for James Bond is that it can be fitted with a
silencer that reduces the noise of the gun for those really discreet missions.

Next, if you are the world's most sophisticated secret agent, then you better drive like
it. That is why Bond drives an Aston Martin. (The Complete James Bond Interactive Dossier)
This England based company that is owned by Jaguar Motor Company has been making very fast
and luxurious sports cars for the past century. This beautiful gold DB5 is the first car
that he was received in the movie "Goldfinger". (The Complete James Bond Interactive
Dossier) It had a bullet proof screen in the rear, tire shredders that came out of the
wheel, machine guns in the headlights, and a passenger ejection seat that was controlled
by a hidden button in the gear shift knob. Bond has also driven other cars such as his
Lotus Espirit, that could turn into a

4 Patel
submarine, machine guns in the license plate, and a self destruct for all car burglars.
The Aston Martin Volante was another famous vehicle Bond used. (Ultimate James Bond Page It had a police signal scanner, rocket boosters for those tense
moments, cutting lasers in the wheels, and could be converted to a snow mobile which the
flick of a button. Now to the cars of the future, starting with the BMW Z3, that was
driven in the movie "Goldeneye". It had a beautiful Atlantic Blue color that was
completely mesmerizing. (Internet BMWUSA) It also had a self-destruct mode and stinger
missiles in the headlights, but they were not used. The second edition to Bond's BMW
collection was his fully armed and armored BMW 750IL in the "Tomorrow Never Dies". (BMW
USA This car had spikes hidden inside the rear bumper, missiles in the
sunroof, bulletproof glass, wire cutter in the BMW emblem. To top all of this off, Bond
had the luxury of leather and wood grain in the interior to put the final touches of this
popular automobile. Currently in the movie "The World is not enough," Bond sports the new
BMW Z8 roadster that is about to be released as a production car in the U.S. in the
upcoming month. (BMW USA

Secondly, if you are a top class secret agent you need to dress like one too. That is why
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