Book Report on Galileo

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Galileo Galilei was one of the most influential men of the Renaissance. He was a
mathematician, physicist, astronomer, inventor, and among other things he was a
philosopher. He integrated the independent sciences of math and physics, and unified
them. The popular view of the public at the time was Aristotle's theory that the Earth is
the center of the universe. Galileo stood against that common view and declared to the
world that the Earth is not the center. This concept that humans are only a microscopic
speck in a boundless universe and are not the center of it frightened many religious
leaders. The use of a tool to study the skies was an extreme influence on his position of
Copernicus's theory. He was the first to examine space through a functional telescope.
From this he condoned Copernicus's theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

Galileo inflamed several scholars and religious leaders with this "ludicrous" theory. He
obtained approval by the Pope, who was an acquaintance of Galileo, to write about Ptolemy
and Copernicus and their concepts of the universe. Galileo was not authorized to account
for either principle, for no man can judge how the world is made. In 1632 Galileo
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