Gallipoli war Essay

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Gallipoli war


Mankind have been interested in science and technique for years. People have been able to
great developments in technology but, it has borne a big disaster for mankind history :
wars. From The Industrial Revolution up to now, some of nations have wanted to use their
technical power in order to have superiority among the nations and because of this reason
World War 1 started. Dardanelles War turned on the most important turning point of the
war. This war has two main causes : helping for Russia and shooting Ottoman Empire out of

To begin, first aim of England was helping to Russia, which is in a bad situation. Russia
was in an economic crisis and needs economic support. England have to pass through The
Straits Bosphorus and Dardanelles. (Stanley, Principal Historian with the Australian War
Memorial) Moreover Russia was fighting with political problems and it couldn’t appear easy
to rescue from tis situation without help.Namely, they need the help of England urgently.

An additionally important cause of war is sending out Ottoman Empire and thanks to this
Germany would have left alone and the number of fronts reduced for England. Furthermore,
with a defeat of Ottoman, England could reach their national aims, to have The Straits and
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