Gangs of New York History vs. Hollywood Essay

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Gangs of New York History vs. Hollywood

The movie begins in New York, in 1843, with a gang fight. Bill "the butcher" Cutting's
gang of "nativists" have challenged the "dead rabbits" (a gang of mostly Irish immigrants)
to a fight to settle once and for all who is the most powerful gang in the area. After an
intense battle the "nativists" win by killing the leader of the "dead rabbits", also
Amsterdam's (the main character's) father.

Amsterdam is then led into an orphanage where he grows to be a man, all while Bill Cutting
runs the Five Points, and most of New York. The Five Points is a district of New York City
and obviously the most corrupt. Crime is all to common, and sickness runs rampant in the

Although very underdeveloped, Amsterdam has sworn to revenge his father's death and kill
Bill "the Butcher." When Amsterdam leaves he immediately sets his plan in motion.

He begins by getting on Cutting's good side, and eventually becoming somewhat of an
apprentice to the crime lord. During this time Amsterdam learns the ways of corruption. To
keep above the law Bill Cutting becomes partners with William Tweed, arguably the most
corrupt politician of all time. Bill gives Tweed the Irish immigrant vote, and Boss Tweed
keeps Cutting "high and dry."

Two subplots develop in the movie also.
First, a love story, between Amsterdam and Jenny Everdeane. A pickpocket by trade Jenny
first steals Amsterdam's necklace. Because the necklace has much sentimental value, he
tracks her down and gets it back, he also gets the girl.

Second, the Draft Riots of 1863. The riots began because of the draft, instated because of
the Civil War. The public was furious that you could buy your way out for 300 dollars.
Also because of the corruption surrounding the draft. It was easy to get sucked into the
draft if you were poor or underprivileged and it was easy to get out of the draft if you
were wealthy (you could buy your way out for 300 dollars.)

In the end Amsterdam reinvents the "dead rabbits" and schedules a fight with the
"nativists" once again. It just so happens that the day they schedule the fight is the day
the Draft Riots begin. The Union Army marches on the city and the Union Navy shells the
Five Points, the epicenter of the riots. The Union soldiers end up killing most of the
gang members, but Amsterdam succeeds in revenging his father.

The movie has so many scenes (it's two hours and forty-five minutes long) it's hard to
pick a favorite. If I had to it would be the ending scene though, where the Draft Riots
are in full force and finally Amsterdam and Jenny visit the graves of Bill Cutting and
Amsterdam's father, followed by a time laps scene of the graveyard and the New York City
skyline. The ending scene is important because it puts the whole movie into perspective.
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