Gays And Marriage Essay

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Gays And Marriage

Gay Rights and Marriage

In our society today, homosexuals are the odd man out. They are treated
unconstitutionally, they are forced to live a secret life, they are forbidden to adopt and
raise children and unable to marry the person they love. This is just a start to the many
inequalities that homosexuals have mounted up against them in everyday life.

The constitution guarantees the right to free speech and the right to pursue happiness to
everyone, although homosexuals do not get to live their life by their choice. Most
Americans will claim that they are in favor of equal rights for homosexuals. They will all
say that gays should have the same rights in housing, jobs, and public accommodations and
they should have equal access to government benefits and equal protection of the law. The
average American thinks that homosexuals deserve all the rights that heterosexuals, but
gay marriage is dead wrong. Many people also believe that homosexuality is about nothing
but sex. If homosexuality was all about sex, why would they fight so hard to be able to
marry? The reality is that homosexuality is much more about love and affection than it is
about sex. Noboody can come up with a good reason to deny gays the right to marry.
Homosexual people should be allowed to marry.

One argument against gay marriage is that homosexual couples are not the ideal
environments to raise children in. Any convicted felon (child molesters, murderers...) can
be married and raise children. Many scientific studies have shown that children raised in
homes with homosexual couples are just as good as those of straight couples. Psychologists
tell us that what makes the difference is the love of the parents, not their gender ( ).
Gay people can love their children just as well as anyone else. Homosexuals want children
just like anyone else wants to be a parent. Some wish to give a child the love of a good,
devoted family that they did or did not experience when they were raised, which would be
pretty predictable depending on when they came out. Would an orphan be better off waiting
longer for a family, or with the better chances of being an adoptee, since there would be
so many more adopters?

Because of false stereotypes and prejudice towards them, the process of "coming out" for
lesbians and gay men can be a very challenging process which may cause a great deal of
emotional pain. Lesbian and gay people often feel different and alone when they first
become aware of same-sex attractions. They may also fear rejection from family, friends,
co-workers and religious institutions if they do "come out"( ).

A pretty common argument against gay relationships is that they are immoral. The freedom
of religion gave the right to freedom from religion as well. The Bible has nothing to do
with American law, so how could anybody make laws against gays by means of the bible with
the "Separation of church and state?" Some religious leaders are the most powerful allies
of same sex marriage. In Hawaii, many faiths, including the Reform branches of Judaism,
Quaker, Buddhist, Episcopal and many other Protestant Congregations are all about the
pro-marriage campaign ( ). There still are many faiths that are very against gay marriage.
They feel that these people defy the Bible. Although this has nothing to do with gay
rights due to the "Separation of church and state," gays still want to have respect in
American society for their homosexuality.

Many homosexuals think that gay marriages would show heterosexual people how much two
people can love each other even if they are of the same sex. Homosexual relationships are
about more than just sex. "People have become used to the idea of defining gay people
solely in terms of sexual acts," says Gregory Herek, a research psychologist at the
University of California, Davis. Many heterosexuals are uncomfortable thinking of gay
people in terms of relationships, because it objects to their average American perception
of homosexuals. "They said, they are against gay marriage because they would not want to
recognize stable gay relationships," says Herek( ) "When gay people say that this is a
civil rights issue, they are referring to matters like the fact that they cannot make
medical decision for their partners in an emergency." The hospitals usually have to, by
state law, go to the families who may have disowned them up to decades ago. If their
partners are arrested, they can be pressured to testify against them or provide evidence
against them, something legally married couples are not forced to do. Even the most
carefully drawn wills and the best of attorneys seem to not be enough if a family wishes
to challenge a will, a custody decision, or keep homosexuals out of a funeral or deny the
right to visit a partner's grave. They can even take real estate that a gay couple may
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