Gender Differences In Students Academic Performanc Essay

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Gender Differences In Students Academic Performance

Gender Differences in Students' Academic Performance
Students with urban and suburban backgrounds consistently outperformed students from rural
and small-town areas. Parental education levels correlated with academic success.
Considering the background of the study's female participants one could reasonably expect
women to outperform men. However, in spite of the higher indicators of success possessed
by women, this expectation was not fulfilled. Data and background predictions did not
match up with what actually occurred. Men received better grades, retained more of their
self-confidence, and more men stayed in chemical engineering than women.

When students run into math difficulties, men are more likely to credit math difficulties
to challenges inherent in the subject, while women are more likely to explain away failure
by lack of ability. This is the first of many discrepancies in men and women's perception
of their own performance.

Regarding general academic performance, women are more likely to attribute it to lack of
ability while men more often attribute it to lack of hard work or unfair treatment. If
students do well, women will more likely chalk it up to outside help while men see it as a
reinforcement of their own ability.

Regarding course performance, women were asked to indicate what grade would satisfy them
and what grade they actually expected to receive in a course. The women's expectations
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