Gender Pricing In Business

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Gender Pricing in business

Issues in Entrepreneurship – Part 1 – Gender Pricing

Businesses commonly offer special pricing. Examples include ladies’ night at clubs and ballparks, discounts for single moms at children’s clothing stores, discounts for men on Father’s Day, and higher prices for women’s clothing at dry cleaners. These pricing differences are accepted and expected by most customers and businesspeople.

Now these practices are being challenged as discriminatory pricing. Businesses using such discounts defend them as being an important tool in attracting customers. Businesses also say they do a lot of social good and cause no harm. Businesses charging higher prices based on gender say the difference is in the amount of extra service required.

What are your thoughts on this issue? What changes could be made in the above examples to eliminate possible gender discrimination? Would you consider gender pricing in your business?

I think that gender pricing is very fair and is just another tactic that entrepreneurs can use in their business. Anyone that is offended by this is obviously way too sensitive and just mad that they aren’t of the right gender to receive a discount (for example, you’ll never see someone complain that they did get a discount on account of being a woman or man). I think that if an owner of a business can get this tactic to work, then more power to hi

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