Genius of the 1300s Essay

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Genius of the 1300s

The 1300ís were a time on the brink of change. People were putting a higher price on
education, literature was coming into the hands of the populace, and art was beginning to
reflect life. Aquinas, Dante, and Giotto represented the intellectual, literary, and
artistic genius of the 1300ís. These men were ahead of their time by bringing a
humanistic aspect to their works. They were concerned with the human being as a creature
of this world as well as the next. These men truly show the transition from Medieval to
Renaissance. They also showed a balance in their concern with the human soul as well as
their concern with the human as an earthly individual.

During this time of higher education some scholars challenged the thought of blind faith
as the guide to truth. Students of Aristotelian philosophy believed that everything in
nature could be understood without reference to a divine creator. Two schools of thought
in the finding of truth had developed, one reached through human reason alone and the
other reached through divine revelation. St. Thomas Aquinas refused to accept this
dichotomy stating that human reason, a gift from god, could not lead to contradictions
with divine revelation. The Summa of Theology was Aquinasís way of defending the
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