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george bush

With this issue of the New Federalist, Vol. V, No. 39, we begin to
serialize the book, "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography," by Webster
Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin. This book will soon be published by
"Executive Intelligence Review".

At the heart of any effort at biography is the attempt to discover the
essence of the subject as a human personality. The essential character of
the subject is what the biographer must strive to capture, since this is
the indispensable ingredient that will provide coherence to the entire
story whose unity must be provided by the course of a single human life.

During the preparation of the present work, there was one historical moment
which more than any other delineated the character of George Bush. The
scene was the Nixon White House during the final days of the Watergate
debacle. White House officials, including George Bush, had spent the
morning of that Monday, August 5, 1974 absorbing the impact of Nixon's
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