George bush Compare and Constrast Essay

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george bush

More than 1,000 South Korean war veterans and right-wing activists rallied Tuesday in
front of the U.S. military complex in central Seoul, trying to turn back anti-American
protesters and welcome U.S. President George W. Bush.

The demonstrators from the Free Citizens' Alliance of Korea said they support Bush's
efforts to address concerns about North Korea's suspected development of weapons of mass

THE FOREIGN MINISTER, Abdullah Abdullah, said that Rahman had been killed as originally
reported—by a mob of Muslim pilgrims, or hajis, who were angry over delays in their
journey to Mecca. Karzai has blamed the brutal murder on other government officials.

Abdullah, in an interview with NEWSWEEK at his foreign ministry office, also blamed
Afghanistan's interim government for mishandling arrangements for the pilgrims' travel to
Mecca, and for not intervening when delays endangered the hajis. "I'm not the foreign
minister in a communist regime, to follow whatever is said. I will not do that," he said.
"There was a clear failure in our attitude as a government in regard to the hajis."
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